Meet the M&M Social Media Team!


Founder & CEO

Jason Martello has been engaged in social media for over 15 years. With a loyal base of more than 5,000 professional connections, Jason’s network is ever-expanding.  After working 9 years at HMM CPA’s as an accountant, he realized the need for companies to utilize social media platforms, which led to the founding of M&M Social Media in 2013.

Jason wears many hats and has tremendous experience in networking. He started off in the Half Hollow Hills School District and graduated from Dowling with a degree in Business Management and Accounting. Jason decided to stay local for college due to his love and passion for the Melville Fire Department, in which he served 11 years with as an emergency medical technician. He continues to help out with the community by participating in multiple charity events every year such as Toys for Tots, and the Long Island Car Community charities.

Jason knows the ins and outs of social media. He knows how to reach the exact market the client is looking for. He’s analyzed and worked with various companies across accounting, construction, restaurant, retail, care centers and nursing home industries. Captivated by the growing social media industry, Jason realized the evolution into the benefits of digital marketing.

Social Media Manager

I first joined M&M Social Media in 2015 with the intention of advancing my career in the social media industry. I had no idea I would gain such an invaluable work-experience! With social media platforms changing their policies and features every couple of months, I get a chance to update my social media management knowledge on a regular basis. The best part is that I get to bring this fresh information and new ideas to each of my clients' social media platforms. I love each time I am able to inform them of any new changes that will benefit their pages!

Having moved up to a management position has allowed me to see the administrative, billing, and other behind-the-scene responsibilities that come with keeping a business running smoothly. I am proud to share my approaches to time-management, multi-tasking, and organization to the team I oversee. I love seeing our staff improving their work-ethic, and knowing I played a small part in it. My favorite aspect of my job would definitely be my graphic design projects. I love getting a rough draft for an event from a client, and watching their face as they see the captivating graphics I was able to make from it! Even more self-gratifying is each time I look at one of our clients' websites or brochures, and create eye-catching graphics from them as well! There are so many opportunities as a creative to improve our clients' online presence and ensure they are properly represented across all platforms.

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Social Media Director

At a young age, I developed my passion for Marketing, Graphic Design, and Photography. I would shoot and edit photos in my free time, and as early as middle school I began using Photoshop to create digital graphics for my first job. I later took a variety of graphic arts courses at Stony Brook University and further expanded my design portfolio. In May of 2017, I received my bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a focus in Marketing from the new business program at Farmingdale State University.

At M&M Social Media, I get to combine all of these skills and put them to use for my clients on an everyday basis! My typical routine involves creating custom marketing graphics, running targeted ads, designing and maintaining my clients’ pages, and posting creative content. Whether a client wants to take a very hands-on approach and provide frequent feedback and suggestions, or wants to let us simply take the reins and trust our expertise, M&M Social Media can help you grow your business!

Social Media Director

In high school, I downloaded Photoshop to play around with some pictures I was photographing. Little did I know that this quick hobby would evolve into a love for graphic design and marketing. In May 2018, I graduated SUNY Albany with a degree in marketing, specializing in digital marketing and market research. I also taught myself how to build websites from start to finish. Two years ago, I was fortunate enough to make Snapchat Geofilters for Lil Yachty, Neck Deep and Fifth Harmony

At M&M Social Media, I have the ability to combine my love for digital marketing and graphic design together through social media marketing and website development. I know that any business has the opportunity to grow by optimizing the use of social media platforms and it is my job to help those clients every step of the way. From important SEO keyword research to eye-catching graphics, M&M does it all!


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