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Search Engine Optimization is your organic search on Google and other search engines. The process consists of making on-page and off-page edits to a website that will increase your webpage ranking above your competitors. Although SEO consists of much more than just Google searches, Google does have the largest market share. Getting your rankings up on google is very important, especially since 2/3 of consumers do not scroll past the first 5 listings on search engines. If your website does not currently rank within the first page of Google, contact us to find out how to change that. M&M Social Media prides itself in being a a successful search engine optimization marketing agency in Long Island, NY.

Does Your Business Have a Website?

Having a fully responsive and mobile-friendly website design is very important for search engine optimization services. If you have a successful updated website, then you have met the first criteria of establishing online visibility on search engines. If you don’t have a website, visit our web design and development or contact us.

What Is SEO?

SEO is the process of how search engines understand what your business does and how it suggests your business is showed through rankings. When optimizing a website, we will ask questions on what your business does and how you want to apply online product marketing. We then track successful related keywords, and keywords competitors are using and implement them throughout your website. If you want to compete with your competition, you need to implement SEO services.

Benefits Of Using Our SEO Services

  • Every web page is explained throughly and custom build with corresponding headers, meta tags, alt tags, and specific keywords to maximize your visibility.

  • Link Building — when websites are linked back to your page, search engines analyze this as beneficial and help build your network and increase rankings.

  • Weekly Reports — Every week, our specialists review your rankings and competition rankings and implement new keywords and trends into your site.

  • Analytic Reports — we’ll show you how your website traffic has increased since starting with us and the total amount of obtained keywords

  • We perform on-going maintenance based on current keyword trends and hashtags

  • Your keywords are limitless — meaning your website has unlimited ranking potential


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