Social Reach & Community Growth

M&M Social Media comes from a network of multiple connections across the country. We interact regularly with local chamber of commerce, libraries, and multiple organizations of any field. Any organization you interact with will be made aware of your new online presence and encouraged to show online support. These are greats sources of social media marketing because local community support helps businesses thrive in digital marketing and online presence.


Local Engagements and Reach

Local engagement in the community is obtained through both inbound and outbound marketing. The core difference between these two types of marketing is when you market directly to the customers, versus the customers coming directly to your business. Your company goal is to have your customers come to you through online advertising marketing. M&M Social Media is a qualified social media branding agency and social networking marketing service. Through our web based marketing strategies, we can reach the local target market within the area your business resides through Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, and Twitter as well as physical locations. We are your one-stop shop for all network marketing needs.

Local Email and Direct Mail Campaigns

M&M Social Media specializes in direct mail and email campaigns through lists of 1,000’s of potential leads for businesses. Our email internet marketing service provides your company with branded and creative content emails that are sent to your target market in the area in which your business thrives. Our team of internet marketing guru’s will help you determine your specific target market and help you reach them effectively. We also offer direct mail campaigns in which we obtain mass address lists of a specific demographic you’re looking to reach. M&M Social Media is a top digital marketing agency in both Suffolk and Nassau, Long Island and NYC.