6 Reasons Outsourcing Your Marketing Is A Great Idea

Social Media campaigns, if done right, can boost web traffic tremendously, improve your search engine ranking through SEO services, generate brand new leads, and increase customer insights. We understand that every company requires a different social media approach which is what leads to our success with clients. 

So, why should you consider outsourcing your Social Media? 

Chances are you need marketing, and you need a strategy. But the truth of it is, both take time and requires expertise. Many companies don’t have marketing expertise in house. In which they have to either hire and train an in-house team or outsource to a marketing agency. With the continued growth of new ways to reach consumers, new marketing tactics, new social media platforms and new technologies, hiring an in-house team can be a slow and expensive process. Which is where an outside marketing company like M&M Social Media comes into play.  

Here are 6 reasons why outsourcing your marketing is a feasible option:

Cost Effective

Like mentioned above it is expensive to have an in-house marketing team. From HR and recruitment to training and benefits, the costs add up when you add a new member to your team. It can also be a long, tedious process to find qualified candidates. With outsourced marketing to a company like M&M Social Media, your total costs will be significantly lower than the expenses of hiring someone new in-house.


Marketing agencies like M&M Social Media, live for marketing. They are on top of the latest trends, and up-to-date marketing tactics. Here at M&M we like to believe that the key to any successful content marketing plan is to keep it fresh and always have great content. Once you have that, you will to start to see an increase in your online presence. 

A Fresh Perspective

Many times you know your company so well that you can’t see the bigger picture. Having an outside agency take a look at your marketing plans can bring on new and innovative ideas that your team hasn’t yet thought of.  In addition, you may also be too involved with your company/brand to see it the way a customer will. A fresh and new team can truly bring clarity and new ideas.


It’s extremely important to stay consistent when it comes to marketing, especially social media marketing. This stands true for consistency within posts, and also the voice of your brand. Your audience becomes so familiar with seeing your marketing that when you stop putting it out you risk losing their business and following. 


Here at M&M Social Media we do what we’re best at so you can do what you're best at, focus on your business. Our team is always there to update your site, make sure posts are going live when your audience expects them, and responding to any customer inquiries at a fast pace. Whether a client wants to take a very hands-on approach and provide frequent feedback and suggestions, or wants to let us simply take the reins and trust our expertise, M&M Social Media is always reliable and there for you.

All About ROI

It all comes down to ROI. Whatever your marketing strategy, the ROI needs to be worthwhile. Even with the most effective internal team, sometimes the ROI doesn’t justify the hours spent working on the marketing. However, marketing agencies define success with ROI. At M&M Social Media we provide monthly reports to track the success of the marketing efforts and provide recommendations on how to maximize those results.

Contact M&M Social Media’s online marketing experts to start producing a specialized Long Island Social Media Marketing Campaign that will produce measurable results!